Thursday, August 28, 2008

UW is Better than OSU, UCLA, Stanford, and WSU

I am watching Oregon State and Stanford.

A very one dimensional Stanford team is having little problem the Beavers leading 36-20 with eight minutes left in the 4th quarter.

Gerhardt has rushed for over 200 yards.

Washingon is better than both of of those teams plus they are better than WSU and UCLA.

If UW finishes lower than fifth this year in the Pac Ten this year it is is all about coaching.


ArtVandy1 said...

"If UW finishes lower than fifth this year in the Pac Ten this year it is is all about coaching."

I'm ont the Fence regarding Willingham....but that's the biggest piece of anti-Ty "insight" I've ever read...and I've read a lot.

So, the Players have NOTHING to do with the success or failure of this team?

Berkowitz, I love this blog and appreciate all your efforts, but that was a foolish comment.

DCDawgfan said...

I love this blog, the analysis and insight are almost always spot on, but can the Huskies play one game before proclaiming them better than "X, Y and Z?"

John Berkowitz said...

Vandy- I have been a student of college football for 32 years. UW is much better than Stanford, WSU, OSU, and UCLA at this point of the season.

Players have everything to do with it. Washington has better players than the four teams I mentioned above.

If they don't finish 5th or higher it is coaching.

DC- I obviously see your point, but trust me on this one. If this Washington team doesn't go bowling point to the leadership.

Joe said...

Even if we are worse than we were last year, and I seriously doubt that, I have to agree that we're better than Stanford and Oregon State. That was some bad football I saw tonight and it reminded me of the Stanford/Washington game 2 years ago with the level of play. Stanford got beat all night on quick outs to the flat and aside from a few deep balls and fly sweeps that is all Oregon State could manage. Oregon State couldn't contain a RB at all even though Stanford wasn't doing well passing. If we aren't better than both of those teams at this moment then I agree with John that it's coaching. But I am optimistic that we are much better than that. And was anyone watching the way Stanford played defense the last 10 minutes? They stunted a little at the line and played more man coverage than we did last year, but I had to ask myself if Kent Baer was in hiding on the Stanford sideline somewhere because they gave up so many yards on those last two drives.

As for UCLA and WSU, on paper we should be but I'll still wait and see.

Anonymous said...

Hey John,

First off, a correction: if the UW is better than OSU, UCLA, Stanford, and WSU, that would put them SIXTH in the Pac-10, not fifth. Hey, first I'm catching your commas, now I'm seeing the Math errors. The answer is "yes, I was also a middle school teacher, in addition to language arts!" :-)

I agree with your assessment that UW is better than those four schools. I also agree with many of your frustrations with TW, although I do believe you've been pretty harsh on the man. However, I don't believe that talent-wise we're any better than sixth in the league, and I think you'd agree with me on that point, especially considering their lack of overall experience.

My question for you is this: if TW can somehow lead to a upper-tier finish in the Pac-10, are you willing to concede that this, too, would be due to coaching?

~ Adam

John Berkowitz said...

Adam - Once you see the Arizona defense unveiled you might raise your prediction to #5.

You could go as high as #4 if Michigan State beats up Cal on Saturday. I think Cal and Washington are pretty even.

If Washington does the unthinkable and beats Oregon on Saturday night maybe you go as high as #3.

We really have no idea how good a college football team is going to be until we see them in a game.

I haven't done anything to Ty that the Seattle Times hasn't done. I just was a week early. ;)

The shroud of secrecy will be lifted on Saturday.

Anonymous said...

this requires you to have one a game to be at 3rd or even 4th,heck even 9th.. 0-12 standings dont lie, UW sucks, even with or without jake locker or ty willingham