Monday, August 18, 2008

Ty Speak on EJ Savannah

One of the more amusing things you can do during the day is watch one of Ty Willingham's press conferences on . It gets very interesting watching Ty react to a question he doesn't want to hear and by the way that applies to most questions asked by the media.

Chris Fetter's from Dawgman decided to ask Ty about the status of EJ Savannah today.

A question was asked about E.J. Savannah and whether or not he would be available for the Oregon game with the amount of practice time missed, and Willingham asked if we had seen him at practice. A follow up was asked to find out Savannah's status and TW was unsure as to why the question would be asked. When asked if E.J. was on the team or off the team, TW simply said, 'Your eyes are as good as mine'. And it was left at that.

If you watch the replay of the conference, and watch Ty's face you get a pretty good idea that EJ may have played his last down as a Husky while Ty is head coach.

Ty had these comments on Jake Lockers return to practice.

"TW said that Jake did '100 percent' more than he's done since the injury because before that he was doing '0 percent'. He added that Locker won't be expected to be 100 percent for a while, and 'wouldn't even be 100 percent the day he gets there'."

When asked what he and doctors saw in Locker, Willingham said, "Jake. That's what we saw: Jake. Jake's eager, anxious and ready to get involved."

OK, so what in the heck does that all exactly mean?

Confer among yourselves.... .

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