Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ranking Oregon and Washington by Position


Washington - You have to take Locker over Roper going into this one. The less mobile Roper was named the starter on Monday and has a nice touch. Jake on the other hand has improved his passing and is always a great running threat. We all assume Jakes leg should be close to 100% for this one which is another big plus for UW.

Running Back

Oregon - Washington brings three very talented TB's and a great FB. The Ducks have three guys that are proven and that makes the difference. If Washington can outgain Oregon on the ground it could lead to a win on Saturday. You give the advantage to Oregon on paper but word out of Washington practices is the Husky tailbacks are going to be a force to be reckoned with.

Wide Receiver

Oregon - The Huskies have plenty of talent and virtually no experience. It isn't like the Ducks are all world out here either but they have more experience. Jaison Williams puts Oregon over the top going into the game.

Tight End

Oregon - The Huskies are improved but until Kavario becomes an every play player I have to take the Ducks. Ed Dixson is one of the better TE's in the league.

Offensive Line

Washington - These are two of the top units in the conference. Washington has a lot of depth and strength inside with the only weaker point being depth on the flanks. The return of Garcia gives Washington an extremly slight edge.

Defensive Tackle

Oregon- The Huskies and Ducks have similar holes to fill with strength out on the ends. This could be a reach but I think Kelemente, and Ta'amu are going to answer Washington's questions at this position as the season goes on. The Ducks go with two seniors so they have the edge.

Defensive End

Oregon - This position is pretty even. You have two of the conferences best in UW's Daniel Teo Nesheim and Oregon's Nick Reed. Give the nod to Oregon because they also have Will Tukuafu who has more experience than UW's Darion Jones.


Washington - The loss of Savannah for at least this game makes these units pretty even. Paysinger, Matthews, Bacon, are very solid. The question that needs to be answered for the Oregon defense is the middle of the front seven. I still give Washington the edge because they are stronger in the middle.

Defensive Backs

Oregon - Oregon has one of the best defensive backfields in the nation. Chung, Byrd, and Thurmond are all going to be NFL draft picks. The Huskies are dramatically improved back here but Oregon is in a different league going into game one.

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