Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Willingham Press Conference

Ty was pretty informative today with the press which is a nice change.

First of all Juan Garcia didn't suffer a setback as feared by Molly Yanity of the PI earlier today. He did have a bit of a scare, but nothing to worry about. The coaches think he is still solid. One of his relatives passed away and he went home to attend the funeral and that is why he missed practice. Tolar isn't getting much work at center which means they think they are going to be fine with Garcia and Sedillo.

Practice was cancelled this afternoon to give the players some rest. They had hoped to run what the coach called a game mock up but it was mostly for the coaches benefit not the players. He sensed the legs were getting heavy and probably after factoring in the weather decided to call it an early day. The practice can be made up at a later date if needed.

On the injury front Nate Williams is just bruised up a bit and will be fine. TE Mike Gottleib is back on track to start against Oregon. Willingham also mentioned that Walt Winter is really coming on this year. Kavario Middleton is getting it and is getting hIs blocking down in addition to be a very important receiving option.

The coach said that center Mykenna Ikehara has been one of the freshman standouts of camp. Tim Lappano told Bob Condotta of the Times it was too early to say whether Ikehara will play this season and the preference would be to redshirt him, but that he could play this year if needed. I commented earlier today that it has been evident since this kid stepped on campus that he is the next great Husky center.


Tick...Tick...Tick...AAndy is back over on the Dawgman message board.

Franchise Faithful...Kickoff 2008 is a little over a week away in Eugene...The anticipation and expectations for this season have not been seen in years...2008 is the Rubicon for a program that will define the direction of the Franchise for the next five years...With so much at stake...where is the excitement?...Previously the beginning of a Husky football season was not unlike May Day in the Former Soviet Union...All the power, technology, and depth on display for the football world to marvel at...So what do we have today?...Cross your fingers and hope the Huskies exit Eugene without embarrassing themselves...If that is not the this true Husky football?...Well yes...and yet we are asked to remain patient...The patience of the faithful has grown thin...and the sense of excitement is just as thin...

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