Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ty Speak

You have to wonder what Willingham is up to in his press conferences.

This is what we get for listening to the head coach, but it turns out Brandon Johnson is being sidelined because of his lower right calf, which he strained last Wednesday. This has to be good news to Huskies fans as we reporters ran with some inaccurate information from Tyrone Willingham, who said Johnson was out because of his knee, on which he had surgery in May.

All this time we were told it was bad knee, but not the case.

It will be very interesting when one of the beat reporters eventually gets Curtis Shaw on the phone.

Confident and sure, Perkins is determined to keep a job at which he was pretty successful last season.

Correct Grammar

I had a reader last week who is a fan and a former English teacher who offered to edit my blog because I keep making repetitive mistakes with comma's. I am going to take him up on the offer because reason #1 for doing the blog was to refine my lost writing skills. It is a very kind offer. It has been thirty years since the correct grammar and punctuation was beaten into me at O'Dea.

Hopefully he will go easy on the leather strap!

I think he also should volunteer to help out Molly Yanity from the PI. She seems to have her commas down, but she could use some help from our resident wordsmith.

"It should be able to the job," Perkins said.

Perkins said the kickers are kicking every day and he has "backed up pretty far."

When I asked him about the pain he endures he said, "Well, when it goes in, I don't really feel it.

A little bit afterwards, the pain might start to shoot, but it's a lot better when it goes in."
Jokes aside, Perkins spent the offseason strengthening his core, focusing on his abdomen and thighs.

"The quad has to do some overtime because it keeps the keen together," he said.
He did no kicking at all and stayed off the knee as much as he could.

I apologize for the excess of comma's but it could be worse as you can see above.

That is the nature of blogging. You pour it out in a ra ta tat manner and sometimes the rules go out the window.


kendvanpool said...

I don't think the word commas should have an apostrophe either.

Ha... just kiddin' man we know what you are trying to say. Keep up the blogging.

John Berkowitz said...

Thanks Kev!