Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Weekly Poll Question

Last week we asked how many games are the Huskies going to win this year?

Twelve - 4% (7 votes)
Eleven - 1% (1 votes)
Ten - 1% (2 votes)
Nine - 4% (6 votes)
Eight - 17% (29 votes)
Seven - 24% (40 votes)
Six -14% (24 votes)
Five - 10% (17 votes)
Four - 10% (17 votes)
Three - 4% (7 votes)
Two - 3% (5 votes)
One - 2% (4 votes)
Zero! - 5% (9 votes)

Most of the group felt the team would win between six to eight games this year. One thing that was interesting is the number of people who voted that they would go undefeated. If you are out there give us a reason in the comments section.

This week we ask:

Do you think the Huskies will beat Oregon in the Opener?

This may be one of the most important games in Willingham's coaching career. If you win this one it is going to set the tone for the season and give Ty some breathing room. The Ducks come into this one favored by a couple of touchdowns. Nobody expects the Huskies to win, but don't tell the coaches and the players. They expect to win.


Anonymous said...

John - Love the blog & wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the effort you put in.

I think the huskies will pull off the upset purely based on the fact that we know what their offense is going to do but they have no idea what our defense will look like.

Cat's out of the bag after the first game or two though...

John Berkowitz said...

I would love it if we took down Oregon to start the season.

Joe said...

I didn't pick 12 but I have to ask, where was the option for 13?!

Rob M said...

I'm banking on the upset at Oregon because they have basically the same defense that gave up 34 points to the Dawgs last year, and while I expect the Husky offense to be improved with a more accurate Jake Locker, I expect there to be a very natural series of growing pains as Costa gets used to running an offense, especially in big games. I wouldn't be surprised to see Justin Roper trot out the offense to begin the second half. Dawgs by 10.

John Berkowitz said...

Joe- Ha Ha! I could put down 13, but decided to keep it in the regular season.

Rob- That is pretty plausible, but one thing to keep in mind is our inexperienced receivers going up against the best defensive backfield in the country.

You never know what you are going to get on offense when a new QB starts for the first time. Oregon however has some tools in the backfield that he can hand the ball off to that can create a lot of damage.

Spencer said...

I could see the Dawgs winning if Costa struggles mighily, but I don't see them winning by double digits.

The Oregon defense traditionally plays a lot better at home than on the road feeding off the energy the the drunkards in the stands.