Thursday, August 07, 2008

Kibbles and Bits

It looks like DT Senio Kelemente should be in camp sometime next week. It seems he was short .25 of a core credit because he ended up taking the same class under two different names twice. He is working six hours a day to get that rectified online, and should be ready to go once UW admissions lets him in. This is one of those things that is unfortunate because it could have been identified, and rectified before camp.

Kelemete took part in UW's summer bridge program as he was initially given academic clearance. But Tarantola said there was a mixup at the last minute concerning a class Kelemete took last summer at a local community college. Tarantola said Kelemete took a class hoping to fulfill a needed core class credit. But he said that while the class had a different name, it was judged to be the same as another class Kelemete had already taken, so he was officially declared to be .25 credits short of the core class requirement of 16.

It is a pretty good bet that Senio is going to play quite a bit this year if he can get back into camp next week.

S Vince Taylor will be at practice today after being given the thumbs up by the NCAA Clearing House. Good to see him join the team because this kid is going to be a stud.

DT Craig Noble is awaiting the results of his California HS Exit Exam. He took the test on July 29th and it can take up to three weeks to get results back. If he passes he gets the green light since his SAT, and GPA are up to par. Craig is pretty sure he passed the test, now it is just a matter of waiting.

No word on Demetrius Bronson as of yet, but I suspect he will end up enrolling in January which is just fine since he was going to redshirt this season anyway.

As expected JR Hasty is headed to Central Washington, and he should thrive over there. It seems Central has become the halfway house for the Husky football program.

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