Saturday, August 09, 2008

Puppy Chow

The Husky fan boards are all blazing right now because of the hamstring injury to Jake Locker. I find it pretty funny to watch as the populace jumps to extraordinary conclusions and contemplates slitting their wrists on August 9th. If this was the week before the Oregon game I would be a little concerned, but he has plenty of time to recover with three weeks left before the opener.

Another thing to consider is that Ronnie Fouch is now getting some valuable time running with the #1's. He is going to get some meaningful playing time in 2008 because it is pretty rare when a QB stays healthy enough to start all 12 games. I think Ronnie is going to surprise a lot of people, he isn't Jake (Only Tim Tebow is), but he is a legit Pac Ten QB.

Here are a few things you can use to help keep your sanity.
  1. A mild pop like Jake had heals pretty quickly for most people, even non athletes.
  2. Jake has no history of hamstring problems which is good because scar tissue is major reason these type of injuries can become chronic.
  3. Jake is in exceptional shape, athletes who are in exceptional shape heal extremely quickly.
  4. The MRI will most likely show that there wasn't a rupture, when you rupture one of those things it is like a bomb going off in your leg, followed by serious pain, and nausea. Jake had a felt a small pop, and hopped a bit which is a very good sign.
  5. Conventional wisdom is he will be out 3-5 days tops.

USC's Mark Sanchez

Mark Sanchez would trade injuries with Jake Locker. Sanchez suffered a freak knee cap dislocation while warming up for practice and it will probably cost him four weeks which means he will likely miss the opener. That means Arkansas transfer Mitch Mustain will likely start in game one which could start the old QB controversy into action if he performs well.


We are hearing rumors that EJ Savannah is close to returning to the team which is a good thing since if he does he will probably lead the team in tackles in 2008....DT Senio Kelemente could join the team as early as Monday since he is expected to finish his math course this weekend....DT Craig Noble could join the team in mid August once the results of his exit exam are released....Juan Garcia could be ready to play as early as the opener depending on how well his foot reacts to full contact next week in practice. Look for the staff to be very cautious with him....Johri Fogerson is making it pretty hard for the coaches to send him over to defense. The former O'Dea star is having a good early camp....Vince Taylor who was slated for safety is starting off at WR which is his best shot for early playing time. Taylor like Fogerson will likely move to safety sometime in the future, but the coaches are giving them both a shot where the need currently is since safety is very solid at this point.

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