Saturday, August 30, 2008

No Mas! No Mas! Oregon 44 Washington 10

First Quarter

The Ducks have come out and dominated from the get go jumping out to a 14 point lead. Washington hasn't been able to do anything on offense and they haven't been able to stop the Ducks on defense. It could be a very long night. Oregon out gained the Huskies 151 to 29 in the 1st quarter. My first impression is opening night jitters for a young team. The Huskies need to develop some rhythm.

Second Quarter

The Huskies have settled down and developed some rhythm and have closed the Oregon lead to 14-10. Washington is playing much better in the second quarter on both sides of the ball. Quinton Richardson made a nice interception. Jake looks to be around 80% tonight. Kavario Middleton has caught three passes and it looks like he will be a major weapon this season. The offensive line isn't getting any push on running plays. The Washington running game is once again all about Jake scrambling.

Looks like Roper could be out with an injury so they will go with their 3rd string QB in the second half. Moselli played the last three minutes of the first half and looked fine.

The Huskies trail 14-10 at halftime.

Third Quarter

Can Willingham out coach Bellotti is the second half?

Adjustments in the second half were a major problem last season.

Both teams go three and out on their first series but Oregon gets a nice punt return from Byrd and drives it quickly to the endzone to take a 21-10 lead early in the third. Looks like the Ducks have taken back the momentum.

Oregon goes with Chris Harper who is the third Duck QB of the night.

Washington isn't moving the ball at all in the third quarter. Poor field position and lack of adjustments that work are hurting them.

Washington special teams rears its ugly head for the third time tonight when Jarius byrd makes another great punt return breaking Husky arm tackles.

The third quarter ends with Oregon on the UW 16 driving to put this one away with a 21-10 lead.

Washington still hasn't broken its habit of being out adjusted in the third quarter.

Harper is the best QB I have seen tonight. He is going to be a great Dennis Dixon clone. Good chance the Ducks go with him the rest of the year.

The Ducks have used three QB's tonight. What is this a spring scrimmage?

Fourth Quarter

The Huskies hold to start the fourth quarter and the Ducks hit a 41 yard Fg to take a 24-10 lead. This is still a gem, but UW needs to get something going on offense.

UW goes for it on 4th and 3 around mid field and Jake gets pounded. On the next play Oregon hits a big on to Williams to take what seems to be an insurmountable 30-10 lead.

Habben has been eaten up all night. UW's offensive line has been terrible tonight and that is the real story of this game. I think it may have been the worst Washington rushing performance I can remember seeing.

Trailing 30 -10 the Huskies panic on the next series throwing long on every play hoping for a miracle. The offensive play calling and execution has been terrible the entire second half.

UW's defense is getting really tired, way too many arm tackles as the game winds down. It looks like they are giving up.

Oregon drives it down the field again to take a 37-10 lead.

23 straight unanswered points in the second half by Oregon.

Ty says "No Mas, No Mas"....Jake Locker gets pulled from the game and Ronnie Fouch comes in.

Fouch has a decent drive going until one of Kearse fumbles after a reception.

Oregon takes the ball and drives it down the field to take a 44-10 lead with 46 seconds left.

This was one of the most important game of Ty Willinghams career and it ends up as being the worst loss in his tenure at Washington.



bigdave967 said...

Dropped balls and no push on run plays...but they are still in it.

John Berkowitz said...

I think it is opening night jitters for a very young team. Talent wise I see a lot of improvement out there.

I am really surprised that we haven't gotten any running room yet.

John Berkowitz said...

Dave where are you watching the game.

bigdave967 said...

I am at home in philadelphia...its on comcast sports network.

I really like Middleton right now...i mean WOW.

C. Polk is running the ball where its drawn up to go but a great RB needs to feel the holes and make it happen. I think he has missed a couple but it is his first game.
O-line not really helping him now either.

Where are you watching the game?

John Berkowitz said...

Polk just needs a little experience. Kavario is a very smooth looking receiver. When was the last time a UW TE caught three passes in the fist half?

John Berkowitz said...

I am watching at home on the 52" Plasma. HD is a good thing.

bigdave967 said...

HD is gods gift to sports at home!

Jeremy Stevens would get my vote...its been awhile.

I am liking what i am seeing but UW has been known to slip in the 2nd half last year.

What do you think of the 3-3-5 they are playing on D?

John Berkowitz said...

I like the defense so far. Not enough penetration though.

Can Willingham out coach Bellotti in the second half?

bigdave967 said...

No but hopefully the players will out play Oregon...i am not expecting a big coaching move by Ty.

rushing 3 never gives a lot of pressure. Especially when they are young. more blitzs and penetration. Over all not bad though...Ed Donatell is doing a pretty decent job.

Oregon is dropping a lot of balls also.

bigdave967 said...

they need a running game!

horrible PI call...

bigdave967 said...

how horrible is their punter!!!!

bigdave967 said...

can the o line pick up a blitz?!?!?

John Berkowitz said...

This was the worst game of Ty's tenure.

Joe said...

Well.... a whole lot of quick thoughts on the game:

Thought we'd get a little better on our offensive line but at this point we've regressed horribly.

There wasn't much room for Polk to run tonight and I don't understand running this kid right up the middle. Isn't he meant to be a speed back similar to Reggie Bush?

No running game, no way to handle the 6 or 7 man blitzes, no chance.

Locker didn't look 100% and I wouldn't be surprised to see more of Fouch next Saturday.

Papadakis makes watching a game a terrible experience and successfully made this the most agonizing football game I have ever seen. He needs to stop saying that Locker is leaving after this year too, save it for the end of the season at least because I don't want to hear it.

At this point I don't know if we should even run the spread I don't think we've ever looked very efficient at it. Our ball fakes never fool anyone.

Why not run more bubble screens and quick outs like Oregon State does? It frees up the middle and reduces the blitzes making the rushing game a whole lot easier.

Defense was definitely tired by the end of the game but they didn't do much early in the game either.

Why are our corners still 5 yards away when many of the catches are made? (aside from catches on the run, we did pretty well with those)

We cannot get off of blocks to make key tackles.

Still a lot of blown coverages.

I don't recall seeing many blitzes, did we even blitz at all?

I hope this game is an anomaly because if we play like this against any of the other teams on our schedule, including WSU, then we're going to go 0-12. We looked the worst out of every Pac-10 team that has played so far. It was insane how many guys we failed to block tonight, I don't think there was a single play where Jake had sufficient time to stand in the pocket and throw. It's going to be a loooooong week.

bigdave967 said...

It is safe to say that UW after last night looked like the worst team in the Pac-10.

The O-Line couldnt do the most simple things by blocking up 4 D-Linemen and a blitzer...Tackles were getting beat one on one againist undersized DE's...this should have been a field day.

No running room...what the he** kind of offense was that! it looked like a hybrid between Nevada Pistol and a pile of crap. That was the worst spread offense i have ever seen. A full back next to Locker and the running back behind him!?!?! That just makes the defense stay in the box. SPREAD THE FIELD!!!!! Make it easy for these young kids.

Def looked OK at times but on one long run (dont remember who) all they did was try to take him down with a shoulder...not one person tried to wrap up!

Did anyone else think that they phyiscally looked sloppy. Oregon guys were big, strong, and their jerseys fit snuggly...UW looked fat, unathletic, and their jerseys looked like a XXL on a Britney Spears...Always go by the saying. Look good, feel good, play good (it isnt gramatically correct but it makes sense).

They got beat like a red headed step child behind the shed in every facet of the game. They better grow up real quick or they will be 0-12 and i will see Ty in line for food stamps.

Horrible!!!!!!!!! God they better get their heads on straight or its going to be a long road until the end.

By the way, no way Locker leaves early. He is no where near a top 10 QB where he will be if he stays until his senior year.

Side note...only positive, i just thought of, was Middleton. Though they didnt get him the ball in the 2nd half.

Anonymous said...

Someone please find an upside to last night's game. I really want just a little hope for the season. Here were the areas going into the game that I was looking for glimmers of progress/success:

- Strong offensive line opening up the running game and giving Jake some protection - nope
- Improved defense under new a DC - nope
- Improved performance in the second half - nope

Also, anyone feel that HB screens and an occasional (planned) QB draw would have had a much better chance of success than the run up the gut / throw downfield combo we saw?

humanluge said...

someone please stop the bleeding.i live in eugene and this could be quite possibly the worst moment of my life since ive been here since 1985.who will it be to lead us out of this crap