Thursday, August 03, 2006

A couple of UW tidbits

Lappano was on Softy with Baird yesterday.

Lappano Link

I like listening to Lappano, he gives a pretty good interview. The most interesting item is Johnnie Kirton is finally going to get his wish, he is going to get reps in the backfield and will most likely be used in short yardage situations. We are talking a 280 pound situational tailback. I wouldn't mind seeing that unveiled against SJSU to see how it looks.

Kirton will still play at TE. I think it's great that they are giving him a shot to move around.

James, Rankin, Sampson, Kirton, Meyers, that doesn't sound too bad.

Say's Williams will be the guy who will take over for Chambers and he is looking great. Say's Reese is down to 250 coming into camp and is big and still very fast.

It seems Mosley is ticketed for receiver rather than TB.

He likes his offensive line, says he feels the five starters are solid.

USC lost one of the Ting twins to steroids so they both won't be playing this year. They have decided to concentrate on medical school.


hairofthedawg said...

I feel asleep before he came on, but now wish I hadn't. Might not be a bad idea to have him as the UW spokesman. I've never heard Ty speak that I remember and wonder if he's uncomfortable with it, or if he truly holds things that closely to his vest. Lappano, I would think, would have to have permission to say these things, so maybe Ty's loosening up indirectly. Regardless, nice to get some info. Busy day in college football.

Health Insurance Expert said...

Just click the link to listen to it.

Lappano actually answers questions with straight answers. The basic feel is these guys have been in his system for over a year so he is expecting a lot more from the group than last year.

It was a busy day, and it will continue to heat up as camps start to open across the country this weekend.