Wednesday, August 16, 2006


We are reaching the part of the UW pre season where the beat writers for the PI, and Times are going to start showing their frustration because Willingham isn't giving them anything new to write about each day. Ty needs to do a better job making sure these guys have angles/topics each day to concentrate on. Why is it Ty's responsibility? Well promoting the program is part of his job description even though he doesn't do it very well. If I could pick one thing that I don't like about Ty it is how he operates with the media, and fans from a PR standpoint. He needs to go the extra yard to make sure they are included. It looked good the first week, but since picture day not much has come out. Other than that I am a big fan of Willingham.

Jim Moore always seems to find something to write about. His latest in the PI gives us a look at Johnny Durocher who is currently our 3rd string QB. Jim always cracks me up. I loved it when he did the Drill, it just had me rolling. Despite the edge guys it is all for fun, and tongue in cheek.

Talking about newspapers my favorite is by far the PI. They really go the extra yard in providing the best coverage with best collection of writers. They even have dug into the local Blogs and given guys like Jason Churchill a weekly column on Mariners prospects. It just show's that Art and his staff do a great job staying in tune with what is going on instead of trying to fake it.

Todd Turner says that the media got it all wrong when they said he was delaying the remodeling of Husky Stadium till 2015. He says he will have a comprehensive plan to release to the public by Fall. He says the six month delay was due to coordinating with the coming 520, and Sound Transit projects. Uhhhh, Ok Todd, let us know when it is ready so we can send you a check.

Word from campus is that we should have Atkins, and Palmer practicing by the weekend, no word on Mason, Young, and Meyers. Once again Charle Young is a straight shooter, I have stood on the sidelines numerous times with Charle, and he doesn't say a single thing he doesn't mean. Count on Chancellor being back soon. Clearing House issues for HS players entering college can drag on for weeks, so hopefully Meyers problem will be resolved before class starts.

A few freshmen are starting to emerge as potential early contributors, but the plan is to redshirt them all if possible. Matt Mosley is the latest to get some ink. The coaches are trying him out at various positions but it looks like he is headed for where he is best suited for and that is CB. Jake Locker of course has impressed everyone and we went into that in a previous column. Paul Homer is mixing it up as expected at FB as has entered the competition at FB by showing he can block, run, and catch the ball. With Kravitz and Palaita a solid #2 he can redshirt, but if needed will be ready to play. Habben has seen a little action running with the two's. Aaron Goodwin has looked good at WR but we have plenty of depth.

The best position battles remain at LB where all three spots are still in play. Looks like we have six potential starters and three spots open. No battle on the OL yet as the starters have it all sewed up. I would love to see Bulyca make a challenge. The Times reports that Reese has slowed down a little due to learning the plays....he however should be up to speed by the opener, or soon after. Always a learning curve for a new player no matter they are.

Willingham said in his interview on GoHuskies yesterday that he was pleased with the teams conditioning so far. He felt that the guys who stayed over the Summer and worked with Greener were inoculated from injury because of the extra work they received. He went on to say that they can't force them to work out, but the guys that will stay healthiest, and play the most are usually the guys that did the work.

I will be back later today after practices are concluded.


prrbrr said...

Once again, a dead on artical. TWs job IS to foster interest in the program and he gets a failing grade in that department, but I like everything else I have seen or heard in his methods. Why, as the CEO, he can't just send someone else out to do the PR work is beyond me, maybe he likes to be the man, but a silent sam isn't a great way to get one to open the pocketbooks. We have given a lot by our standards to the UW athletic program over the years above what the TYEE program asks, so with my retirement and the nothing but can you give us money approach from TTs administration, we do feel left out and unappreciated. For years and years, the fifth quarter was a TYEE only event where you could go and relax after the game waiting for the crowds and traffic to thin out, and the band played, and the head coach talked about the game to that group of Huskys and thank those who have given the UW their interest and more importantly to TT, their money. Now it is a pay as you go open to the public and the HC rarely if ever comes. So what do we get for being a TYEE now, same season tickets, invitations to pay as you go events to all season ticket holders, and not much else. Now that I am ranting, I think I will send an E mail to the TYEE office on the same subject. Oh yes, I forgot the one practice a year which I am privileged to attend, but since I live here in So Cal, by the time we get there that too will probably be gone. My wife and I have talked about our donations, and we decided to give one more year at the over and above level, after that if there is no improvement on being a TYEE, its a closed pocketbook except for the mandatory TYEE seat license.

Health Insurance Expert said...

I think expressing your feelings to Todd Turner, and the Tyee office are good things to do if you feel change is neccesary. Todd seems pretty nice, and alwayys responds to suggestions.

I can understand Willingham trying to keep things under wraps, but he needs to reach out a little more.

I think as time goes on things will become a little more comfortable between media, fanbase, and football program if people keep speaking up.