Monday, August 07, 2006

The Monday Morning Wash

Word out of Montlake is that three additional players may still have some hurdles to pass till they can practice with the team. All three are expected to play this year, but have to wait for final NCAA clearing house approvals.

The Huskies had their Junior day this past weekend with a number of players making it up here from California in addition to the locals that were invited. UW seems to be way ahead on the recruiting front compared to last season. I think a year of stability has helped quite a bit. A few more wins should yield a solid class.

Warren Moon entered the NFL Hall of fame in Canton, Ohio this past weekend while both Tui brothers played together for the first time in the Hall of Fame game. Zach is now with Oakland.

Some friends of mine in Seattle actually saw Ty speak at a kickoff event this past week. The word is he is quietly confident that UW will field a much more competitive program this year. He feels Stanback, and Gunheim are going to have breakthrough years.

The big news is football practice starts tommorow at UW, expect Ty to update the media on players hanging on the old academic edge during his press conference.

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