Saturday, August 12, 2006

Saturday Gleenings

The Huskies had their first day in pads today followed by the traditional picture day after practice. Picture day is prett cool.

The first player of note is Daniel Howell who wore the Gold jersey for the 4th consecutive day. He wins it for special teams one day, and defense the next, quite an early accomplishment, and it seems to cement the reason that one of the top returning starters, Scott White, is trying to play catch up on second string. It is no easy task to pass by a returning senior who is mentioned on most pre season all conference lists. The competition is going to make both of those guys better.

The uniforms still suck according to witnesses I spoke to this afternoon, very little color or numeral font change, just a more comfortable version. The Weasel must eventually go, I am sure Turner is working on it and just needs to approve something new with plenty of lead time for next seasons manufacturing. (See Todd, I gave you an out.)

Marcel Reese seems to be as good as advertised according to the coaching staff, look for him to make an early impact creating mismatches in the middle of the secondary. Reese may be the best receiver we have had since Reggie Williams. The other receivers aren't too shabby either.
If we can get these guys the ball we will be in good shape.

The early reviews on the offensive line are positive which means nothing till we actually see them in action. Ossai has been profiled lately and says his bench is up to 375. Not bad for a RS frosh, but 50-75 lbs away from where it needs to be. In the old days he would be a backup this year and finally see regular playing time as a sophmore.

Stanley Daniels say's the OL will surprise, and they are collectively the quickest and most athletic group he has seen since he has been here. I like Stanley, always have, and I hope he is right. The coaches seem optimistic, and this staff doesn't BS, so maybe they have something going.

The word is Chad Macklin is just huge, between 6'8 and 6'10. He is a Neu guy, and came in with Berglund in the infamous 2 man OL class. Remember they were waiting for guys like Bush, Bulyca, Ashby, and Flowers the following year, so they took a ton of WR types. Macklin seems to be rounding into solid shape and insiders are now targeting him for a breakout year.

Rosbourough is going to see some time this year. At 370 pounds he takes awhile to run around. I anxiously await the arival of Sir Mason, not only for depth he provides, but because of his quickness which may help him overcome his 278lb weight. He could really use a redshirt year to put on 25-35 lbs of muscle. Chances are that when he gets in it will take almost until mid season till his presence is felt. If Berglund and Rosbourough are capable of quality minutes Mason could redshirt, but I wouldn't count on it. I would love to see Berglund contribute this year.

On the interior no word about Kava, Bulyca, or Bush yet. These guys need to be worthy of being in the rotation for the OL to have any depth. Walker, Garcia, and Daniels, are solid, let's hope they stay healthy. Most people have written off Kava, but I expect him to surprise.

Matt Sedillo has been the most impressive Frosh lineman so far which is apropo since he was the least recruited out of the HS threesome. Nice to see a darkhouse pick show signs of working out early. All there HS guys will redshirt unless injuries come up.

Out in the seconday Goldson is back to going at full speed again which is good news. I think we are going to have the best corner rotatation this year since our last Rose Bowl season. Ashlee Palmer needs to get in or we are going to have problems again with depth with Darin Harris out for the season with a chronic back injury.

On offense Mosley is the frosh RB, he got his bell rung so he won't be back to full speed till Monday. I am thinking that when Meyers gets back in he may head to Safety rather than RB, or WR. Just a guess on that, but the Hukies have some depth holes to fill at DB, moving him or Mosley over would help now, and in the future.

Daniel Te'o Nesheim is in a big time position battle with Brandon Ala to play opposite Greyson Gunheim at DE. Word has it that Ala is bigger, and meaner this year. White Frisbee is coming along, seems to be participating in most drills, but they are bringing him along slowly to make sure he is healthy when the season begins.

Not much news at QB, and RB yet. IS is still firmly #1, they feel Bonnell is a good backup and even a potential challenger for the starting job.


hairofthedawg said...

A lot of people are impressed with Reese and I'm glad to hear it. Someone on dawgman was calling him pudgy, but if he's this impressive in that state, just wait!

Cool on the turing word working. My old rugby club's website is being infested but they won't, at least haven't, done anything about it.

I hope Stanley is right but I also remember the days when it took someone of the stature of Ward or Olsen to get a look as a frosh. Did they redshirt?

Is there a point where a player becomes too tall? I can't come up with a reason but at some point I start thinking DL instead of OL, although his reach is useful at tackle as well.

Is Rosborough a guard? I'd like to hear his squat numbers.

You mention Mason's size...and I think about the Bronco's tendency toward smaller and quicker lines. If Mason was with a group of similar type players, I think it could work. Would he fit in with our probable starters?

I'm rooting for Kava too. That would be quite an achievement, contributing after losing so much weight on his mission.

Nice to hear something good about Ala, finally, and although you say "not much news" at QB, I'll disagree and say that your final sentence is excellent news. Great post! Thanks.

Health Insurance Expert said...

Did Olsen, and Ward redshirt?

Chad came in with an injury and had to redshirt, or he might have played right away. Might have been his back.

Bern Brostek played and I believe started his true frosh year which is pretty darn hard to do.

I think Olsen ended up with a redshirt season he didn't use. I know he was UW four years, but decided to move to the pro's a year early rather than risk injury.

Getting back to Ossai, he is good, very good for his age, but in a normal year wouldn't be counted on to start as a redshirt.

I don't know if a player can get too tall for Offensive tackle. At nearly 6'10 Macklin is maybe the tallest OT we have ever had. a player can get too tall for defensive line. That was one of the reason they considered moving JWF over to OL.

Rosborough like all Husky OL learn all the positions except center on the OL. He is pretty much cemented in as a tackle due to his size.

No problem with Mason fitting in with our OL, the more the merrier. The only question on him is if he has enough weight to hold his own in the Pac Ten.

I haven't written Kava off because he actually got some playing time on the OL as a true frosh.

It really is time for Ala to use that god given ability and make an impact. I have never figured out exactly why he hasn't excelled.

Health Insurance Expert said...

We had a post from Sedihawk yesterday. Nice to see him visiting since he is one of the guys running the WSU football blog which you can link to from here.

hairofthedawg said...

Their site is pretty good. They lost Andy Roof for 4 to 6 weeks due to a broken thumb. I was a little surprised a thumb would take you out but I've never broken one before. A lot of kicker questions as well...

hairofthedawg said...

The latest post on the UA blog is pretty funny. Stephen F. Austin?

Health Insurance Expert said...

A broken thumb can keep you out that long if they need to put a pin or screw in it.