Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A few questions and answers

Is Jake Locker already the best QB we have?

Every person who has seen Locker say's he is special, and he looks really good. He obviously had the best day Saturday in limited action. This kid is going to be ready to start by week 4, he may be ready at the end of camp. The question is do you burn the redshirt if IS, and Carl struggle? I don't think Ty will have a problem doing it if those guys stumble. The best thing this program can do is win and get the bad taste out it's mouth. If Locker gives them the best chance to win he will play.

Who will start at MLB?

Ty Willingham commented that there was a real dogfight going on at the position and that true freshman Donald Butler was in the mix for the starting job. Bomar, or Tui will start against SJS, but Butler is going to play alot this year which will allow Bomar to play anywhere that he is needed. We haven't seen this type of talent and flexibility at LB since Lambo left.

Is the defensive backfield really better?

Yes, they are better, and will be a strength as we probably have two All Pac Ten guys in Lewis and Wallace starting. Goldson has been slowed and the coaches are really challenging him to get back. One guy to keep an eye out for is Mosley who is quietly moving up the depth chart. If Goldson can't go Fountaine will start in his place, but Mosley is going to really push him. Despite the loss of Harris, Merrill retiring, and the delayed enrollment of Palmer we are pretty deep and talented at Safety. Forrester, and Hemphill have made a lot of improvement. Well's has proven to be the diamond in the rough as he secured a starting job over the Spring in Fall.

Will we finally have a pass rush?

I think you can safely bet that this is the year the pass rush returns in spades at UW. Gunheim and Teo Neshiem backed up by a lot of good depth at the ends will give UW the opportunity to stay fresh late in the game. We saw glimpses at the end last year what Gunheim could do once he got his footwork down, now you are going to see a lot of visible improvement each week as he moves toward elite status. Ossai is younger, and will share time, but he is a guy I am going to watch closely this year till he has a breakout like Greyson did in the second half of last season.

What about run defense?

Mateaki and Ala are solid, and they are experienced. Behind them though ae two question marks in JWF, and Lobos. Neither are in they type of shape they need to be in yet to provide significant help. That will come if they can stay healthy, but according to Hart in his interview with Fetters they just aren't there yet.

Is Chris Fetters the best college football writer in Seattle?

You have to wonder when one of the newspapers is going to offer him a job. I am not saying he would take it, but is there really anyone better than Chris Fetters right now? I think Ted Miller is great, but since he has been reassigned I have to go with Chris.

Molly Yanity? She really makes me cringe when I hear her ask questions at the press conferences. Can somebody get her some happy pills? I think she is good, and would be better if she wasn't so cranky.

Bob Condotta? He is really good, he does know his stuff, but is he a guy you would have a beer with? He has a blog in the internet edition where the only comments that are allowed is "Way to go Bob, nice job Bob, you are doing us a great service Bob." What kind of blog is that? It makes me thing that Bob doesn't exactly care about what his readers think. Why doesn't he just rename it "The All About Bob Opinion Blog?"

Talking about beer, Jim Moore continues to amaze as he creates interesting reads out of thin air each day for his column. His latest is a focus on kicker Michael Braunstein. Braunstein can be described as fairly cocky...that's being kind. I am surprised he hasn't dunked over Spencer Hawes yet.

Is Lindsay Soto hot, or what?

I watched the Husky preview on Fox last night and all I can remember is her purple sweater. Definitely the best looking sports announcer in the biz, and from what I hear she is a pretty good journalist too!

Is the Offensive Line really as bad as everyone says?

The interior is actually pretty solid, but behind them there is not a single guy currently capable of playing well in the Pac Ten. At tackle Macklin will do ok, but on the left side Ossai is going to struggle a bit the same as Kahlif Barnes once did. Behind them the situation is a little better even though the options are pretty green. Are they bad as everyone says, probably not, they have the potential to be mediocre with an upswing rather than bad nd getting worse.

Gilby's heralded line class is a complete bust at this point which really increases the time it will take to rebuild the football team. The Huskies need to being in a couple of JC's, and four frosh next year to solidify the position.

I thought the TE's were going to be improved?

They are improved, they just didn't show it in the scrimmage last weekend.

Can we run the ball?

I don't have a clue on that one. The running back are a year older, a lot healthier, and have shown improved habits, but if there isn't any holes we are in trouble. If there isn't any holes they are going to get all banged up which once again is a problem because we have paper thin depth. Adding Michael Houston will really help the team this year from a practice standpoint.

Will Kirton run the ball?


Is IS the man?

Not yet, he of course will be the starter, but he hasn't shown anything in practice to make people believe that he has made the quantum leap as far as making his reads. I think IS will still play in the NFL if he wants to because he would make a great strong safety.

What is new with the Receivers?

Reese give us something we haven't had in awhile and that is a big guy who will be very fast and physical in the middle of the field. This big target is going to help our QB's, and open up other areas. Shackleford, and Russo will be your possesion type guys, and Williams, and Woods will be the home run hitters. Reese will be the sledgehammer. Marlon Woods is going to be a legit threat all over the field this year. Whether it is returning kicks, or catching the long one, this kid will make an impact.

Will the JC's and Chancellor Young ever get in?

This is really taking forever, you would think that since some took the classes at UW the grades might be posted right now to help out in these type of situations? According to the rules these guys could be practicing right now, but Willingham doesn't want them on the team till they are cleared. He doesn't want a repeat of last year. He just wants to prepare the guys he is sure will be here. Chambers is going through the same thing over at Montana, and Hauck has him practicing.


hairofthedawg said...

Dammit, I was just checking before I crashe and now I'm going to be up for at least another beer.

I think he will be. I don't want him to play this year for the following reasons. I'm not saying he won't or doesn't deserve to, just my thoughts. I don't want him playing behind this line. Trying to both learn and execute an offense after a few weeks is tough enough in itself, let alone with having to deal with guys a lot bigger and faster than you're used to chasing after you. I'm not saying he won't be able to deal with it, but I'd rather go through all three before being forced to put Jake in. I haven't seen him play and could be very wrong.

I don't care much who starts because I hope, and know the OL doesn't yet, that most positions have enough depth to establish decent rotations. Fresh bodies...

I think they will be better, especially if Goldson heals quickly. I think things look good. I've always wondered how Hemphill ended up at safety. Isn't he pretty tall? That has some advantages, but it still surprises me. I think the DB's will be fine and it's a relief to have them as a potential strength rather than giving me white knuckles on every 3rd and long.

I sure hope so! Sounds like decent depth since I don't hear a lot of extreme worry about Gunheim being out, at least for the first game. Sounds like those behind him are fighting for the job too. Ossai? Could easily be my mistake, but I thought he was on the OL. Or did you mean T'eo Nesheim? If his Nesheim's motor is as good as I've read about we need to make sure that Bern sends us his best every year.

I'm hopeful about Frisbee, but Afoa seems able and I'm hoping for something from Lobos as well. Plug some holes. Let the LB's nail them.

I enjoy all of the writers at various times. Surprisingly, it's probably sacreligious of me to say this, Moore the most. I don't much care how he really feels, he makes me laugh. I once sent Art Theil an email thanking him for reminding me of JP Patches. Maybe it's just me. I read a lot and everyone has days when they're on and more when they're off. I wish James Lileks covered Husky sports. Chris is good at what he does, very good. He's very evenhanded and funny in his fairness. Sometimes too much so, but that's just an opinion. I'm not sure how his skills would translate to a job where he would likely be required to be opinionated. I don't know him.

Can't say that I've seen Lindsay Soto, but I saw the reviews on dawgman...real or fake? I don't mind either way.

Don't play Locker this year unless they gel and stay healthy.


sounding like a Rush fan now...

I think he will, in practice, until he proves that he can't.

I think IS gave up his shot at the NFL by insisting on playing QB. He may have a shot at receiver, but I feel the learning curve for a defensive position will be too long for a team to take a chance at developing him. I also hope he proves me wrong by having a great season and I'm very good at eating crow. Lots of practice.

Like everything else, we'll need the time to throw...good post john

hairofthedawg said...

Oh yeah, that took 1.5 ciders...hope it didn't show in my spelling.

Health Insurance Expert said...

I like Cider!

I like Jim, and Art the best too. those guys are pretty consistent, and pretty funny.

Art's little joke about Brandon Morrow injuring his arm while picking up the phone to talk to Bavasi is a classic. It was picked up all over the country as being factual which was hilarious.

I like Dan Raley, and Michael McLaughlin too. The where are they now, and other historical sports pieces they write are awesome!

Are they fake or real?

I don't care either, but they have indeed grown since last season.