Thursday, August 10, 2006

A little early controversy

Daniel Howell has finally overtaken Scott White at LB for the time being and Scott White isn't very happy about it according the the Seattle Times.

One of the great motivation tools a coach has is to demote a starter early in preseason drills and make him fight back to regain the position by the opening game.

Howell has been on White's heels since he got here, and now that he has been in the program awhile and matured, his ceiling looks higher than White's not only because he has more eligibility left. He has challenged the incumbent for the position, and won for now with his effort, attitude and talent.

What the coaches are looking for from White is to see exactly what he is made of. Is he going to fight back and win the position, is he going to outwork Howell? You have to love a position battle like this because it is one of things that makes the entire team better.

White has played a lot since the day he got here, but has he really impressed any of us with his play so far? Has he been the leader a returning senior is required to be? Coaches make moves like this to get a kid's attention, and frankly I think it is a great move by the coaching staff.

From an insiders perspective the move is long overdue, and as shown in Seattle Times article you can tell that Scott has a bit of an attitude problem and is considering quitting the team.

Not exactly the answer the coaches were looking for is it?

Scott has a big stupid mouth on him, in fact he talks a better game then he plays, that doesn't mean that he isn't a good kid, just a mouthy kid with an attitude problem which the coaches are attempting to nip in the bud. Scott hasn't been happy since Neuheisel left, and he has never been one of the more popular players with his teammates.

Scott is the undisputed leader of the old regime. He represents what needs to be pruned over the next couple of years as was Craig Chambers. It takes time to rebuild a program, 4-6 years, we are only in year two.

I asked earlier in the article if he was the type of leader a senior returning starter should be, what do you guys think?


Anonymous said...

I think you hit the nail right on the head. Scott White was not brought here by Coach Willingham.

Health Insurance Expert said...

When they talk about changing the culture this is exactly what they mean.

There were plenty of guys loyal to Lambo when Rick took over, many never took a shine to him. Same when Don James took over for Jim Owens.

I think White will respond, I doubt he is serious about quitting before his senior year.

Anonymous said...

If he's serious about quitting, then let him go. He's a capable player, but anyone who thinks a starting job is his birthright and then runs crying to the papers is probably going to stir up ongoing dissension. Ty sent a signal: he will reward a good work ethic. That shows every second-teamer that there is indeed a way to get on the field, and every first-teamer that he had better bust his butt if he wants to stay in the lineup. There can be no 'untouchables.'

Health Insurance Expert said...

He wasn't on the field practicing today so there is the possibility that he has quit the team.

Anonymous said...

I saw Scott White play LB and have to admit he looked soft out there at times. Missed tackles, not running out the play (to the ball), and his posture after the plays said it all. I dont think Scott epitomizes the linebackers we have had in his position in the past however I do hope he accepts this challenge and makes the best of it. The team can sure use his experience and I would love to see the competition between players for playing time. I agree with the other posters here.

Health Insurance Expert said...

White just hasn't excelled or impressed during his time at Washington, he hasn't continued to improve. If he stays he will play a lot whether he is a starter, or a reserve, he knows that, but right now it is a pride thing, and the coaches are not kissing his ass.

If you want to get tough, you need to get tough with the players, and you need to put the best players out on the field each week.

Jim said...

Another RN player with a Prima Donna attitude, imagine that! Although, I have to say that not learning about the demotion until practice started seems a bit lame.

Great blog John.

Health Insurance Expert said...

Thanks for the compliment Jim. It seems a bit lame from White's point of view. From what I understand he didn't have a great summer, so he shouldn't expect the job handed to him.

If you have seen the Howell interview over at GoHuskies you can tell he is a very serious and dedicated kid.

Anonymous said...

Tonite's Seattle PI article said that if White leaves the team, Howell would start with Kyle Trew or a walk-on as the backup according to Coach Willingham. With the academic problems and such it appears that depth at linebacker could quickly become an issue. I wonder if there is a player at end or better yet maybe a player in the secondary like Evan Benjamin who converted to linebacker that could add some speed, versatility and some excitement to the position. Seems there are 4 or 5 safeties vying for playing time. Would like to wonder if Chris Hemphill at 6'6" and some good speed would be a candidate.

Oh well...Howell sounds like a hungry guy to play in White's place.

hairofthedawg said...

The answer to your final question is now a resounding NO!

Had he sucked it up and busted his ass to beat out Howell, then, even if he didn't win the battle, he would be the type of senior the team needs.

After today's no show, I have to wonder whether his return to the team will help the team in any manner. It's possible but he'd have to work tremendously hard to win back the respect and trust of his fellow players. Which is more important...depth or chemistry? I'll go with chemistry on this one.

prrbrr said...

JohnB, totally agree with Hair. I purposely waited a day to calm down before I posted but Scott White needs to grow up, his performance in this matter is that of a high schooler. Mouthing off to the press, and then threatening to quit, and then not showing up to practice, I seriously wonder if the TEAM will have him back. If they do, sounds like a lot of stairs and sprints and starting off with the scout team might be in order to EARN his way back, if he a no show again, AMF.

Health Insurance Expert said...

I played ball in high school, and college, and I can tell you that sometimes you get frustrated, and do stupid things. Scott is prone to running his mouth before thinking, doesn't mean he isn't a good kid.

I think most people on the team know Scott, understand Scott,and will forgive Scott for just being Scott.

I think he will either be an asset or Ty will ask him to leave. I am betting he will be an asset.

hairofthedawg said...

Since he's back, I'll only hope that he gives his all. I wasn't saying that he hasn't in the past, just that, as a senior, he should have handled it better. I've been on both sides of the situation, granted, under a far, far smaller spotlight, but even at 16 and 17, the guys I was competing with and I handled it better. That's my major complaint.

He can be an asset and I hope he is. I'm also excited to see Howell play and hope they push one another to produce a spot on the field on which other teams have no desire to play.