Tuesday, August 08, 2006

From the Bob Condotta Blog

Willingham said four players will not be eligible for the start of practice today -- DE Anthony Atkins, safety Ashlee Palmer, OT Aaron Mason and RB Leilyon Myers. He said all have academic situations that are "pending'' and would not speculate on whether they will be able to play this year. Myers' problem is with the NCAA Clearinghouse, while the other three simply have to finish up some work. Of those four, Mason and Palmer may be the most critical. Mason is expected to fill in the depth at left tackle and Palmer is expected to compete for a starting job at safety.

Bob Condotta Blog

Losing any of these guys will really hurt the depth. I didn't expect any of them to start against SJS, but Palmer and Mason are slated to have prominent roles this year.


prrbrr said...

Looks like we didn't do a great job screening for academic issues again this year, coupled with last years Handy/Freeman fiasco. I am starting to wonder about this staff's abilities to tie down the loose ends. However, in my book they will get four full years to show what they are capable of, but they need to show improvement in baby steps in year 2 and 3. So far, nothing but disappointment.

Health Insurance Expert said...

None of these guys have been declared out, all are expected at some point this month, but Ty isn't going to speculate with the media on it.

With college kids, JC's who enroll in the Fall you are always taking a risk.

prrbrr said...

Yes, you are right. I wrote in haste, something I try to avoid knowing my personality. The NCAA clearinghouse could act tomorrow or 3 months from now, and the JCs are also understaffed in their departments which put out the transcripts etc. i just wish sometimes there could be an error free seamless transition, but then again i forget who we are dealing with.