Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Game Nine Arizona State

Dirk Koetter silenced the critics with an upper division finish and a bowl game. They had LSU on the ropes early last season so they can certainly play some ball. The Devils go into this year as a legit title contender if they can fill some major holes on defense.

ASU is led not by one, but by two elite QB's in Keller and Carpenter. The two combined threw for over 4000 yards and 37 touchdowns. The Devils are a little light in experience at WR and RB coming into the year. Keegan Herring will start at TB, and converted TE Jamaal Lewis will try to be ASU's version of Marcel Reese. The Devils are tough up front with four starters returning. The Sparky's are going to be able to score points as usual. Recruiting wise the Devils bring in an excellent class this year with more than a few guys included that Washington coveted.

Defensively the Sun Devils come into the season with question marks at every position except Safety. The defensive line is a work in progress, they brought in 3 transfers to shore up the positions. LB is another area in a state of flux with depth problems. The Devils are going to need to score a lot of points per game because their D is going to give up a lot too.

Why Washington will win

It's Halloween and Spooky things happen this time of year in Husky Stadium.

The Weather at the end of October can slow down a passing game.

The Husky Defense is able to slow down the Sun Devil offense

UW is able to take advantage of a porous ASU defense.

I am assuming the Huskies are having a very healthy year and the offensive line has somehow jelled to give the skill guys room to do their stuff.

Why Arizona State will win

This doesn't look like an exceptional ASU team on paper going into the season, but the two headed monster at QB will light up the scoreboard all year.

The ASU offensive line is able to control the line of scrimmage.

The ASU defense is improved dramatically from last years rating of 114 th in the nation.

The frosh and JC class they recruited are able to fill the gaping holes in the defense and the skill positions.

What do I think?

I am predicting an upset. Sure ASU is an upper division team, but I think they will finish behind USC, Oregon, and Cal. I don't think their defense however will allow them a chance to beat the later three.

Why do I think we are going to upset them?

I have no respect for their defense, and I think we can score on them like we scored on UCLA last year. Yep, I think we scorch them for more than thirty at home. Defensively I think we can hold them to less than we score.......simple as that.
The weather could be a factor too, and the warm weather team's hate late October, and November in Seattle if it is windy and rainy.

Well here I am predicting 6-3 after game 9 fully knowing that we could just as easily be 1-7 too. This is certainly what you would call dancing on the edge.

W - Washington 38 Arizona 31 (6-3)

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