Monday, August 21, 2006

A few reminders

A couple idea's on posting. I believe all the posters here are also members of one of the premium recruiting services, particularly Dawgman. We have around 50 people visiting the site every day so even though the bulk don't post, quite a few are reading it each day.

I bring up Dawgman because most of us chat, and post there. Please try not to post things you hear from over there until it hit's the newspapers. It is a courtesy to those great guys who have worked so hard to keep us entertained and informed over the years. I will go a step farther, it isn't just a courtesy, it is the right, and ethical thing to do.

Nobody asked me, or suggested I post this, but it has come up in an email question from a poster, and so since the question has been asked I thought I would clarify it for everyone. The guys at Dawgman, and Husky Digest have been very supportive and realize that this is a site meant to compliment what they do, rather than compete with what they do.

We will comment on recruiting from time to time, but we won't be calling PSA's, and we won't be breaking the news that someone has committed. We won't be reporting news, we will just be commenting on news, and issues revolving around Husky Football.

I know we will all get excited from time to time, and that's fine, but let's be careful about what we post and respect where that information is coming from. For the record nobody has come close to posting anything they shouldn't, but as we pick up new posters once the season begins I want to make sure that we keep doing that.

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