Thursday, August 24, 2006


We are at the point in Fall Camp where the only big news we are waiting for is whether the JC's are going to make it in or not. Grades have been posted, but for some reason it's Thursday and no word yet about the eligibility of Palmer, Mason, and Atkins. With every passing day the liklihood of any of these guys making a contribution this year diminishes. Atkins, and Mason are eligible for a redshirt year and could use one. Palmer has three to play three so he is just going to have to catch up if he gets in. If something doesn't happen this week it isn't likely going to happen.

Have any of you checked out Molly Yanity's blog in the PI? It's good, just like Condotta's Blog over at the Times. She wrote some optimistic things about the current state of the program this week so go check it out. Things are starting to turn around in Montlake and I am glad that someone in the media notices. U-Dub Dish is another Husky blog that is a fun read, stop by and check them out. They are geared up for football and have something new up every day.

Former Nebraska TB/WR/S Leon Jackson who hails from Pasco has been the subject of a few rumors this week on all the message boards. Seems like UW is on Leon's shortlist but no word if UW is interested now that Michael Houston is in school. I like Jackson as a DB, but I imagine he left Nebraska because he wanted to be a TB. The amusing thing about this rumor is the reported Leon sightings going on, or the my uncles, sisters husband works with Leons, fathers, brothers, sister and she said..... .

On the freshman front some players are vying for early playing time. The latest to be mentioned is Ryan Tolar who has been working with the 2's at guard recently. You don't ever want to see a frosh lineman play, but it seems that Bush, and Kava, aren't stepping up yet. We have little depth in the interior. All the linemen are learning all the positions this year so they can fill in where needed. We currently only have 13 scholarship offensive linemen.

Elisara has been seeing some time inside with the 2's as JWF, Lobos, and Reffert have been banged up at various times. MLB Donald Butler will play this year, and he may end up starting at some time which is saying a lot since he started camp behind Bomar, and Tui. Mosley is another candidate ready to play in the defensive backfield. Goldson being out, and Murchison's sore knee will likely give him some time this year. Gunheim, and Goldson are likely to miss the SJSU game.

Mesphin Forrester is going to be a valuable reserve this season in the defensive backfield. The sophmore made a move this past Spring and is now a solid back up at CB, and Safety. Durrell Moss who started a couple of games at CB after moving over from FB is in the mix at Safety. We have a lot more depth to work with back there this year. With depth comes the ability to run packages we were unable to use last season which contributed to those 4th qtr dissapointments.

That is about it for now, not much going on as the team has gotten over the hump and heads into the weekend for final scrimmages. Ty scrimmages a bit every day, but on Saturday there is going to be plenty of contact. It will be the last chance for those making moves to get a starting job. With only 71 scholarship players (if the JC don't get in) there should be plenty of playing time for all.

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