Monday, August 14, 2006

The Monday Morning Wash

Well it's Monday and the team had a full weekend of practice with Sundays practice being completely closed to the media. Sunday practices will be closed for the remainder of the year.

This would be a great week to watch if you are a spectator. Media will be able to watch the first 30 minutes of practice each day. Invited Tyee's can watch one practice per year, and a number of Dawgman members will probably report back as they did this weekend on their visit.

One observation everyone has had so far is that Jake Locker is the real deal, and the best looking QB prospect anyone has seen at UW in quite awhile. The words most mentioned are poise, timing, and athleticism. Jake probably won't play this year, but could be reasonably ready to step in at mid season if needed, he is that special. Jake seems to be the only Frosh sticking out so far even though Habben is running with two's on the OL. Typically the Frosh start swimming about right now trying to learn all the new stuff that is thrown at them.

Another observation is that the offensive line is struggling against the defense at this point. That always is the case this time of year as the defense is always ahead of the offense early in the year. The growth of the offensive line is critical to the success of this years team so it will be interesting to see the development over the next three weeks.

The Times reports that EJ Savannah, and Chris Steven's will probably be #1-A and #1-B for the next three years. EJ is around 225 now which is pretty good size for the outside. Stevens is smaller, but the combo will provide a nice changeup. It looks like with Howell, White, Tui, Taj, EJ, and Stevens we have solid players two deep. The two frosh, Butler, and Houston have caught the early eye of the coaches and look like good one's for the future. Improved hustle, and speed at the LB spot will really give the defense a new look this year and allow us to attack more. Kyle Trew doesn't seem to be a factor in his fourth year as a Husky, and probably is a candidate to graduate rather than play a 5th year.

No official word on the four players waiting for grades or clearing house issues, but the three JC's could hopefully see the field by the end of the week. It will be great to get these guys out on the practice field ASAP.

I will be back later after practice.

Mid Afternoon Flash!!!

Rumor has it that Chancellor Young will be back soon and that he will be eligible this year according to his dad who was interviewed on KJR. I would say that if Papa Charlie is saying that there must be something to it, he is a pretty serious guy. Chancellor making it back would be a good thing, he adds some speed, and looked good last Spring. This is the first word we have heard from the family since it became apparent he wouldn't be with the team this year.

It look like the PI's Husky Football Blog written by fan Jason Ware is in a little hot water with the UW today. It seems that he is a Tyee and was at the entire practice on Saturday. In his blog he covered the practice and wrote a few things about Scott White that they felt was false. Ty says it if it happens one more time he is going to close practices to Tyee's who are already limited to one practice by invitation per year. Be careful what you write about practice if you are a Tyee. I think it is a misunderstanding, but Jason has to know that practices are restricted to only the first 30 minutes to credentialed media. You can't write, and report for the PI and then stay all practice as a Tyee and write about it. Ty wants thing private after the first 30 minutes.

It was announced after practice that Frosh Safety Jake Merrill had left the team for personal reasons and won't be rejoining the squad. I think it is pretty strange that a kid would quit and give up five years of education after seven days on the team, but it happens. He was supposed to be the top positive attitude guy in the class. Ty's use of the phrase peronal reasons is pretty wide, so it could mean anything. I think there is more to it than Jake just deciding not to play football.


prrbrrr said...

yes, very strange on Merrill. Like you described him, to use that old phrase, "he really wants to be a Husky" so this comes as a bit of a shocker. Oh well, kids have their reasons and change their minds on whats important to them all the time.

Health Insurance Expert said...

We heard a rumor late last night that it was a physical problem that would not allow him to play football anymore.

hairofthedawg said...

kind of hard to read about because the kid was where he wanted to be, or so it seemed. From what I've read about him, it must have been something kind of drastic to shake his resolve, and that flat out sucks.

Health Insurance Expert said...

On the PI blog thing the UW is being kid of picky, but I read today where Spurrier has now closed practices to everyone at South Carolina because people were posting what they saw at practice on the internet.

I read Jason's blog and didn't think there was anything that could be termed super secret.