Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Lull before the Storm

We have reached the end of Fall camp and the players now have a couple of days off to rest, get a few personal things done, and recover from the last three weeks.

Fall Camp is a lot different then when I played because we simply practiced a lot more since the current rules where not in effect. We had doubles every single day, and we were in full pads most of the time. Water was a rarity on the playing field, and conditioning was endless simply because there were no time restrictions on how long, or when we could practice. I remember going to bed so tired that my body was just humming, and in the morning we had to get up at 5:30 to go for a long timed run followed by breakfast, a meeting, than the first practice. By 7pm when we got off the field and into the cafeteria we were pretty pooped.

Despite the fact that their are now time limits, Fall Camp is still grueling because of the way the coaches structure the workload in the practices. 19 days is still 19 days, and by the end of it you are hitting the wall mentally, and physically. The great thing though with 18-22 year old kids is the recovery time, it's quick. The team has two days off and when the kids come back to plan for SJSU they will feel as if they have broken through to a different level after having time to rest. I think that is the best thing about Camp as a player, it ending, and than feeling the positive results of what you have been through after a little rest.

I wasn't able to watch a single practice this year, but from a few friends that have, and of course the Dawgman staff it looks as if the team is on a great track to improve. It seems a lot of the predictions I made before camp are actually starting to bear some fruit. First of all our defense is going to be really good. We may be thin in a few spots, but we have the potential to do some damage in a way we haven't since the beginning of the decade. Offensively we still are worried about the OL, but the coaches like the guys they have in the starting positions so far, and while we are paper thin, we could end up having the foundation of a decent line during this season if we stay healthy.

As far as health goes this has been one of the healthiest camps we have witnessed in years, just about everyone should be available for the opener.

I predicted 7-5, and right now I feel really good about that prediction. I can feel the team moving in the right direction. If we continue to minimize mistakes on offense the defense is going to give us a chance to win. This is only year two, and we need two strong recruiting classes in a row to right the ship, but I think a winning record is as doable a goal this year as it was last year, if we can get some breaks.

Of course all this is hyperboly, and wishful thinking until they play a game, but I have good feeling about this bunch, I think they are tired of losing, and I think they will pull it together. Showing significant progress in the W/L column will help recruiting, and as we know the future of the program during Ty's tenure is in the next two classes.


hairofthedawg said...

Yeah, it's getting to be that time, and I'm excited to see how the team plays as well.

We've all through our own sorts of personal hells over the years, my worst was probably hauling hay day after day and praying for a rainy day, but looking back, I doubt any of us regret going through them. They are part of what we are. Maybe we Husky fans should try, hard as it is, to look at the past couple of seasons as something similar. It's getting close to the time when the suffering pays off.

John, thanks for starting this blog. Dawgman's great and they've done an outstanding job this year, but it's been nice to have a different perspective on the team. It's been fun, while it lasts, to have the personal interaction with you. I think this site will take off soon, so while I still can, let me offer my sincere best wishes to you and your bride to be and two suggestions for your trip to Hawaii...make that three...hook up with Bern Brostek, find some manapua and listen to a slack-string guitarist.

Health Insurance Expert said...

I am trying to be positive as we head into the season, I really think the team will be improved this year. How many wins that translates into is anyones guess.

Thanks for the kind words and we will report any Bern Brostek sightings. ;)

hairofthedawg said...

There is one downside to your blog. I now spend entirely too much time trying to figure out what it is on the Ducks blog. It can't be healthy spending that much time there.

prrbrr said...

johnb, hair also beat me to it. Thank you for starting this blog and giving us fans another place to go along with Dawgman. Both they and you have done a terrific job. I too have enjoyed the banter, and we sincerely wish you and your bride to be the best of times to come. We will be leaving for SEA on wednesday night and can't wait for the new look (attitude) Dawgs. I believe good things will happen this season.

Michael Wines said...

Just wanted to stop by and wish the Dawgs the best of luck before the season starts. Sounds like your defense is on track to turn things around.

Getting excited to be sitting in Autzen next weekend with my kids and watching the Ducks take on the Cardinals. Oh and by the way, Hair, it is great fun to have you participating in my "What Is It?" posts...

Health Insurance Expert said...

Michael we all love your blog! I find my self checking it out every day too!

"Getting excited to be sitting in Autzen next weekend with my kids"

Isn't this what it is all about?