Saturday, August 19, 2006

Saturday Notes

Looks like we should have a couple of our JC's practicing next week, of course we said that last week, but Monday afternoon looks good for the return of Atkins, and Palmer. No word on Mason who finished up his classes down South. Willingham said it doesn't look good for Meyers at this point. Too bad about him, like Mosley he is one of the guys that could have played this year.

No major injuries in practice so far which is great. The training staff seems to be pretty conservative this year which is a nice change. Getting the team to the gate healthy is a major goal. Guys like EJ, and JWF may be day to day during their entire careers at UW. Saving their best for the games is a reasonable goal.

Is the Dawgman site great this year or what? They made a few changes and really improved what has always been the best website in college football. A lot more interaction going on with the addition of new faces on the premium message boards.

Husky Digest also made some positive changes and has more content this year. HD does their own thing and comes up with some original content rather than a rehash of stuff that is elsewhere.

I have really enjoyed the improvements over on the official Husky site. While still limiting media access to the team they have made a good try at filling in with their own video content. CSTV is still a work in progress, but I really think it will end up being a pretty big thing.

Recruiting news has kind of come to a standstill for now as the PSA's are getting ready for their own season, and the college coaches are concentrating on getting their players ready for the year. Expect that to pick up again in September.

This will be the final week of practice before game preparations begin in earnest. This is the week where the coaches push these guys and see exactly where the wall is. Keep an eye on the Gold jerseys this week, it will tell you who is pushing through the wall. Keep an eye on Mosley at CB, this kid could end up playing a lot this year if Murchison, and Goldson stay banged up.

Only two weeks to go till kickoff!


hairofthedawg said...

I'll be sweating a bit until news of Gunheim is released.

I agree for the most part on the Dawgman changes. There's always good info there, but like a lot of others, I miss the old basketball board, although I am glad for the new faces on the premium board.

I know what you mean, but two weeks to go till what?

Health Insurance Expert said...

Tough to say how serious the injury is for Gunheim, based on the observers from Dawgman they felt he could be ok. You never know with knee's and that is why they will perfrom the MRI.

Based on his behavior after the injury I am holding my breath and leaning towards the opinion that he will be fine.