Saturday, August 05, 2006

Game Ten Oregon

Once again we visit Autzen Stadium situated in the friendly Willamette Valley of Oregon. How many times exactly do we have to play here anyway till the Pac Ten get's it right? The stadium is nice, probably the nicest in the league which has allowed them to upgrade their schedule. While Washington was looking for softball dominance the Duck's went out and built one of the best athletic plants in the country.

Mike Bellotti opens the year with Dennis Dixon, and Brady Leaf returning as QB's after both got time last year after Kellen Clemmons went down last season. Jonathan Stewart returns after a dinged up freshman year to be the man at TB. Kent and Colvin are the Wr's to look out for, but the Duck's are looking to develop some depth. Most importantly the Quackers return all five talented offensive lineman so Stewart will have room to run the ball, and Dixon room to stretch the defense.

Defensively the Ducks' lose Haloti N'Gata, and Devin Long, that has to hurt. The entire defensive line will be a work in progress to start the season. The Duck's look average at LB, and CB where they have holes to fill. At Safety Nelson, and Chung lead the way and are very good.

The Duck's need to score points this year, their defense will lack the teeth it did last season when they controlled the line of scrimmage against UW, and many other teams. I was at the game last year and it wasn't competitive.

Why Oregon will win?

Oregon's offensive line will be one of the best in the conference.

Dennis Dixon will be able to spread the defense, and Jonathan Stewart will be able to run through gaping holes.

Oregon's defense is just good enough to keep the Huskies off the scoreboard enough to be the difference in the game.

Oregon has more depth and overall talent on it's roster.

The game is at Autzen.

Why Washington will win?

UW comes into the game healthy and confident

UW is able to move the ball on the Duck Defense

The Washington defensive front is able to hold the UO rushing attack in check.

UW is able to force Dixon into making mistakes which turn into points.

What do I think?

I always think we can beat Oregon, hell we beat them with Casey Paus, and Keith Gilbertson! Now logic says that we have no chance in their house, but I think we match up pretty well with them. This is a rival game, and in such games you usually, except for last year throw out he rcords for both opponents coming into the game. That being said I am going to give the nod to the Duck's in a game that will be closer than expected.

Oregon 31 Washington 28 L (6-4)

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