Friday, August 04, 2006

Getting Kirton on the Field

At the end of Spring Johnnie Kirton was listed as the third string TE. At UW, and most schools you need at least three solid tight ends because of the different sets, and situations they are used in. Spring of course is not where the final decisons are made, come Fall the cream usually rises to the top, the best players hit the field.

After a few years of decline the legendary at TE the position is really starting to round into shape. UW can count on five solid TE's being on the roster this year. The questions is how to best utilize them. Gottleib, Lewis, Kirton, Williams, and Harris provide solid depth, but Kirton could best be used as a guy they move around the filed as discussed last year.

The word out of Montlake is Johnnie will see action out of the backfield this year in short yardage situations. I would also like to see him shift into the slot and see what kind of damege in the redzone he can do from there. Imagine Reese, Kirton, Gottleib/Lewis, Shackleford, and Williams in pass pattern in the redzone. That is a really nice combo I hope they consider using this year when muscle, and finesse is needed to push the ball into the end zone.

Kirton is a weapon that should be moved around the field.

I like him sitting back their as a wild card single back on 2nd and 1. I like it when he lines up in the backfield on 3rd and long and shifts into the slot. I also like the prospect of him being used as a short yardage back, and of course at TE. That being said that is a lot of stuff to learn to do well for one guy. So it will be interesting to see if Lappano uses him as a real option, or just as an emergency fall back in case of injury.


hairofthedawg said...

After listening to Kim, I really liked the thought of Reece out wide, Kirton in the slot, Stanback rolling out with Rankin as an option. Who would pick up Kirton if he slid out to the slot? DB or LB?

Health Insurance Expert said...

It just depends on how the defense lines up, but it has the potential to cause some a lot of mismatches.

prrbrr said...

Kirton is a soph this year so its time for him to start showing his abilities. I don't think he has ever really bought into the TE switch, but it would be terrific to let him pound away at the 3 yard line to the goal. I am surprised he hasn't dominated as a TE, guess everything I read is his blocking ability, hope he will pick it up this year.

Health Insurance Expert said...

I don't think he is much of an option at RB unless he is able to get his pads down and his speed up.

He has only had one year at TE so we will see how he progresses.