Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Offensive line depth

The offensive line seems to be a major concern. Everybody is taking about it, and no wonder after the numbers we graduated last year. We need eight guys minimum to emerge to be able to have success this year. We already know about the starting five and the premature elevation of Ben Ossai to Left Tackle, so lets talk about the guys behind them because the overall strength of this line will be determined by the depth they can provide.


You have some big question marks here because you have five guys that probably aren't entering camp ready to play. The guys in bold will be able to hopefully provide significant minutes this year.

Rosborough.....This kid is going to be very good, and he is going to see some action this year. Conditioning will limit his contribution, but keep an eye on him, you can't teach size. He is running with the two's right now. Observers have mentioned that he is very difficult to run around and has a great attitude.

Berglund.....It was a pleasant surprise when he returned to the program just because he is another big body. With Jefferson not making it in, Flowers flunking out, and Mason qualified yet, his return is a blessing. I am not sure what he brings to the table after taking a year off, but we will see in the SJS game where he should get plenty of reps.

Mason......First of all if any guy ever needed a redshirt year to boost his future worth it is this guy. He is weighing in at around 275 right now which is pretty light despite his quickness for OT. One thing that is holding him back even more is that he hasn't been practicing while waiting for Summer grades to come in. Every day he misses lessens the chance he will contribute much this year. I will keep him in bold for now just because we are so shallow, but I wouldn't count on him yet.

Habben.....Cody is spending some time with the two's but no way is he going to play this year unless injuries, or his talent forces it. He came in prepared, but like all freshmen he needs some time to get acclimated, get stronger, and learn the playbook. He will play a lot as a redshirt next year.

Tolar.....He has a lot of work to do as far as conditioning goes. Give him a year or two in the program and he will be a contributor.

Guard and Center

We are in a little better shape on the inside being led by our top three returnees, but behind them some help needs to emerge. Once again I think the guys in bold are the most likely at this point to emerge and provide significant help this season.

Bulyca.....This is Casey's year to break through from the injuries that have hampered his development. He has the size, and has developed the strength so one thing we should be looking for is if he is pushing any of the guys ahead of him.

Bush.....This guy hasn't been able to put on the weight. He came in a s a center and is now spending most of his time at guard.

Kava....In the program for a year after a two year layoff you would hope he could push for some playing time after getting some as a true frosh.

Sedillo....Has impressed those that have seen him with his poise and practice habits. Like the other frosh needs a year or two.

Christine.....This is the walkon that was invited to provide some depth at center. Right now Garcia is 1-A, and Walker is 1-B.


prrbrr said...

This is our season here at this position. Realistically, with no injuries, you need a 7-8 man rotation. I hope Roseborough can provide the relief for Ossai and Macklin. Also hoping that Bulyca and Bush can spell the interior 3 bigs. If not, we can be hurting. Kava and Berglund also stepping up would really help. It is crucial that if at all possible, we RS Habben so as to be a 4 yr starter, with Tolar and Sedillo ready in years 3/4/5 in the program. Can Emeka get here soon enough.

Health Insurance Expert said...

I agree, it all comes down to what the offensive line can do because frankly the rest of the team seems to have some potential spark. The OL is always the toughest thing to rebuild, it can take awhile. Think in terms of 4-5 years till it is where it truly needs to be.

If we had Schilling, Jefferson, Flowers, and Mason all playing right now we would be in pretty good shape, and there would actually be some position battles going on out there.

At this point there is no competition, the starters are etched in stone. We really the reserves to step up and give some quality minutes.

hairofthedawg said...

I understand the rotation of linemen but what is the frequency? How many plays on and how many off? I should really pay more attention when I'm lucky enough to watch games live as I don't think you can see that on television.

What scares me the most is potential reluctance to stick guys, who really aren't ready, into the game and the starters getting tired and injured due to fatigue. I'm glad I'm not the coach and hope someone keeps an eye on his blood pressure.