Monday, August 28, 2006

Two Deeps are Out

As we thought, the demotion of Scott White lasted until the opener. Great motivational ploy by the coaches, and a nice way to get your three most experienced LB's out on the field at one time. Guy's like Tui, EJ, Stevens and Butler are going to play a lot too. I am glad they got White's attention, and I look forward to him having a good year. The move should benefit him because he doesn't have to cover Tight Ends anymore.

Frosh expected to skip a redshirt year are Butler, Homer, and possibly Mosley, and Tolar if depth becomes an issue at their positions. I always thought Homer could play early. The guy is a real hitter and should help out the special teams.

Tolar is a surprise to me, I didn't expect him to make a move so quickly, but with Kava slowed down he is an option. Ty had some nice comments about him in his press conference. I posted over at Dawgman that Gilby's line class was a bust and I guaranteed that this class would be much better. Another poster questioned how I could guarantee it if I hadn't seen them play yet?
It is kind of obvious with Habben, and Tolar getting a lot of time with the 2's this Fall that the guys ahead of them who are in their 3rd year, Bulyca, and Bush are already getting challenged and passed by. With Flowers, and Ashby already checked out I would say it's easy to call that class a bust.

No other big surprises except that Dashon Goldson was named as a starter. He is still pretty gimpy so we will see how much he is able to play on Saturday.


prrbrr said...

johnb, just read the PI. It looks like Ted Miller jumped on your blog of 5 things TT needs to do and asking Lude. Aloha and mahalo

Health Insurance Expert said...

I think asking Lude put a good twist on it, if anyone knows, it is truly Milo.

Milo replied that #1 was a winning record, that the other four didn't matter if you were not winning. He said the 1978 Rose Bowl was the biggest reason he was able to accomplish his goals.

I like Ted, he is a great writer, and a lot of the PI writers visit here so if this was truly the inspiration for his story I am flattered.

I think Ted, and the other scribes inspire me a lot more than I inspire them.