Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Kenny James has a broken arm

The Seattle Time's is reporting that Kenny James has a broken arm. The injury is about two weeks old, and takes four weeks to heal, so he should be back to full strength by the opener. The break is described to be about as minor as possible and should not hinder him much in preparations to begin the season. Diagnosis is he suffered a broken radius bone in his right forearm during a workout with other players a couple of weeks ago, a school spokesman confirmed.

Once again we have a remider that if this team does not stay healthy it can go to hell in a hand basket pretty quickly. UW cannot afford injuries at running back period. While Mosley and Meyers will get looks, and the opportunity to prepare the team for opponents, nobody wants to see them out there this year.

Seattle Times


hairofthedawg said...

Any idea what kind of cast he's wearing? I'm not sure exactly where that bone is and hope he's able to use his hands.

Health Insurance Expert said...

The bone is cracked above his wrist. He is heading into his third week so it is probably just splinted with a little fibreglass for protection.

It shouldn't hurt him, but a point of concern is that last year he got dinged up early and never really got healthy.

prrbrr said...

JohnB, i just got back from seattle where we attendeda wine tasting at Ste Michelle co hosted by UW husky fever,all three coaches spoke about 5-8 mins Daugherty, Romar and Willingham. TW said that KJs break is as minor as you can think of and he will play and haveva great season. He also singled out IS as a player who will have an impact year. This is of course the first time we have ever seen or met TW in person so he is an impressive speaker. It was fun and nice so we will probably attend next year too if they have one.

Health Insurance Expert said...

I have a friend who does all the video at Stanford and he can't say enough nice things about Ty. I have had the opportunity to meet him once briefly and was very impressed, quite a gentleman.

It will take Seattle a little while to get to know the real Ty, but people won't be dissapointed.

There is only one thing I would change about the man, and that is that I wish he had a little more self promotion in him. I think wins, which will come, will take care of that.

Prrbrr said...

I agree with you, johnb. I think Tw will become the man in town, but he could extend that longevity through rough times by being more open in the public eye. He seemed comfortable enough at the wine tasting, surrounde by high rollers, tyees and season ticket holders, my guess around 150-200 people. I think it was the good relations that allowed DJ to survive, and also what eventually brought Lambo down with the high rollers.