Tuesday, August 01, 2006

News from the World of Tailgaiting

Guess what, we have a new feature, The Weekly Tailgating Section. Once a week I will be sharing my extensive pre game party knowledge meant to enhance your own pre game experience.

If your a Husky fan you realize the importance of a good tailgate party. Being on the shores of Lake Washington beside the remains of the old UW golf course is one of the better locations in college football to throw a pre game party. How many times have you heard someone make reference of where to meet with the climbing rock being part of the directions.

I also have spent a lot of time in the parking lot behind the Texaco station. Wherever you set up you need the right tools.

This week we are going to look at a couple of the newer essentials in Tailgaiting Technology which are sure to keep any group properly entertained.

The TailGator Gas Blender

No Cord! No Boundaries!

Imagine, you're at a Montlake tailgate party or on a roadtrip, or even just out camping. You decide it's about time to have a margarita and make some new friends. So, you whip out the party supplies and your Totally Portable TailGator®. You'll never be lonely again!

We bought this for a friend of mine a few years ago for his bachelor party, and it has really been a hit. We first used it tubing down a river in Wisconsin. You want to make new friends? Just pull the cord of this chainsaw/hybrid blender.

UW Logo Branding Irons

This is one of the stranger items out there this year. It is meant for branding steaks but I am sure it will turn up at more than one SEC fraternity during hazing season. Believe it or not branding is a fraternity tradition in the Southeast, especially in the traditional black schools, and fraternities. Don't ask me why. Thank you sir, can I have another?

Edible Shot Glasses

One question? Why did they wait so long to come up with this? You whip one of these out for the boyz with a little Jaegar and now you have something!

The Beer Belt

Being able to move freely while you are pounding brews is essential to having the best time possible.


Loggerheading is the process of heating a piece of iron then inserting it into a glass of beer. The piece of iron is known as a loggerhead or poker; when heated, a hot poker. The residual sugars in the beer will caramelize on the poker and impart a unique flavor to the beer. Fire, hot steel, and alcohol, what could be more fun? Remember real Huskies don't wipe their pokers!


Zach Landres-Schnur said...

Nice site, man! this is the first Huskies' blog (besides my own) that I've come across.

I run the UW blog at SB Nation (http://www.udubdish.com). I'm gonna link you up and check this site daily.

I'd love to get a good relationship going so we can work together putting out only the best info for only the best school out there.

Go Dawgs!

hairofthedawg said...

I've heard of the tailgator and it sounds like a useful device for many occasions. Also, having consumed quite a few beers in many locations around the world, I'm surprised I haven't heard of loggerheading, especially considering where I grew up.

I've never been to a tailgate per se. I make it to a Seahawks game or two each year and if the Huskies play while I'm in the area, try to find a way to watch them. My normal pregame routine involves F.X. Mcrory's prime rib sandwich and the first couple of the day's many beers. One word of warning, the sandwich is delicious, as are the other items on the menu, but beware the condiments. Although it certainly appeared amusing to my tablemates when I found out, the small bowl of what looks like cole slaw is in reality pretty spicy horseradish. It had been a long time since I drank the first beer of the day so quickly. Used properly though, the horseradish helps make a good sandwich great.

Health Insurance Expert said...

Hi Zach thanks for the nice compliment! I like your site too, seems like your passion is hoops!

Health Insurance Expert said...

Loggerheading is cool, and I have only seen it done a few times, and both times it was up by Morton.

To think someone has decided to devote a website to the art is interesting in itself.

Health Insurance Expert said...

I like the fresh grated horseradish they have, in fact it was the first place that I ever enjoyed that treat.