Friday, August 25, 2006

Twenty Questions

Things get a little slow at this time during camp. Ty wasn't really available Thursday for the media, and they only had a single afternoon practice. So why not get a little interactive, and play 20 questions?

Here is what I think, what are your answers?

Who will be the most improved Offensive Lineman?

Morgan Rosborough

Which Tight End will have the best season?

Johnnie Kirton

Who will lead the team in rushing?

Kenny James

Which receiver will have the most catches?

Sonny Shackleford

Which receiver will have the most total yards?

Marcel Reese

Which receiver will have the most TD's?

Marlon Wood

Which player is most likely to emerge out of Gilby's offensive line class?

Mark Bulyca

Which QB will be starting at the end of the season?


Who will the offensive scout team player of the year?

Michael Houston

Which Husky offensive players will be all Pac Ten?


Who will lead the team in sacks?

Greyson Gunheim

How many yards will teams be able to rush against us per game?

125 per game ave

Which true freshman will have the most impact?

Donald Butler

Who will be the defensive scout team player of the year?


Who will lead us in interceptions?


How many yards will teams be able to throw on us this year?

175 yards per game ave

Who will be the MVP of this defense?


Which Husky Defensive players will be All Pac Ten?

Wallace, Lewis, Gunheim

Who will be the top return threat?

Marlon Wood

What will UW's final record be?

7-5 with a bowl game


hairofthedawg said...

Ossai, but I hope Rosborough gets into good enough shape to prove you right.

Agree, but hope he has a lot of competition for that honor.

same as above

tough call with all the options we have. It will depend on who clicks with Stanback. I'm going with Shackleford, Williams, Reese for this and your next question.

Reese on TDs, near the goal line he'll be a beast.

sounds good to me.


Isaiah has the potential, but I fear you're right.


Can't argue with the rest except that with a few breaks I see 8-4

Health Insurance Expert said...

8-4? Ok, I can go with!