Friday, August 25, 2006

Sportswriters getting cranky

Check out Bob Condotta's Blog

"So yes, indeed, the Huskies were scrimmaging today, and those of us in the media got to see about 10-12 minutes of it before we were kicked out. I won't rail on the stupidity of that policy again today, other than to make it clear I think it's still stupid. I mean, the Seahawks hold scrimmages like this in front of 12,000 people and it doesn't appear to harm them much."

Also more Leon Jackson sightings....could Ty have been driving him and his dad around campus in a golf cart today?

Bob is not a happy camper and I like it when the writers bitch about their condition to the audience. Still a nice report on the one way blog.

Molly Yanity went back to being pissed off in her blog. None of the media were happy about getting licked out early. "l hate that that is all I can share, but it's all I got to see."

Condotta termed it as stupid, which it is. It is sign of disrespect for these people to drive down there to watch 15 minutes and hang around the rest of the day waiting for a couple of press conferences that don't happen.

CJ Wallace had a serious concussion today that reportedly laid him out for over twenty minutes. He went to Harborview and spent a few hours under observation before being released. This isn't good, and it will be pretty iffy if CJ will be available against SJSU.


hairofthedawg said...

Although there's a definite need for it, maybe they should just echo Ty's policies and quit reporting on the team. Or start making stuff up. I like good factual reporting but satire works for me too.

I'm sure you know more about concussions than I do since I've only spent a half on the sidelines after watching the pitch spin during a rugby match, but why so pessimistic on Wallace? I've had a few I'm sure, never diagnosed, but I usually came back pretty quickly from them. Will you do something like the high ankle sprain post for a concussion?

prrbrr said...

TW to me truly is an enigma. Earlier this August, it looked like he had finally lightened up a little and was actually giving the fan base what we want, interest. But now the clamming up again, I have serious doubts as to whether he will ever get IT as to what pays his and his staff's salary, not to mention the salary of the entire athletic department. We are stuck with TW good or bad for at least 2 more years barring a "for cause" incident, I really hope we recover enough on the field to make up for his shortcomings in the PR area before the goose is dead.

hairofthedawg said...

Do you think he'll change with success or is it just his general nature? I fear the latter.

Health Insurance Expert said...

Jim Moore is more than happy to supply the satire.

I can do a writeup on concussions, but this is what I know from personal experience.

I have had three concussions, and each knocked me out for at least 1-3 weeks. I actually got one playing soccer where my head was driven into the goal post, that was a three weeker.In each case I only lost consiousness briefly.

CJ was out for quite some time,(30-60 minutes) they even took him to Harborview, so I would think his head is going to hurt so bad for at least a week he isn't going to want to put his helmet on. They are going to be conservative with a head injury.

Here is the deal on TW, he is the right guy for the job. He is truly getting it done and in a couple of years we are going to have a program we can be really proud of.

He is trying to win some games, he has to do that this year or he isn't going to be able to bring in the kids he needs.

As far as the press goes, they aren't giving him a break, or playing fair with him at all. It does go both ways.

As far as info goes, I think it was really good until yesterdays scrimmage. We will have to see how it plays out over the entire year.

Will he change with success, I think so....a lot of this has to do with changing the culture, and of course keeping the kids focused.

hairofthedawg said...

Sounds like CJ is ok, as well as the other two involved. That must have been some collision.

I agree that Ty is the right guy for the job and I understand why he's doing what he's doing.

For one, it appears he's keeping the program clean and recruiting guys with character as well at athletic ability. It reminds me of the Seahawks, sort of. I've never followed other teams he has coached closely enough to know whether he loosens up when he wins, but a smile and a bit of celebration is certainly a lot easier to give when you've won.

Damn, the wrestling show, whatever it's called now, sure has good taste in enhanced chests and their combination with normal female bodies. I really can't believe I still enjoy watching the stuff but it was ingrained at an early age and I can't disappoint my grandpa.

I'm not surprised at the closing of the spigot on information although I'd rather it didn't. It's getting to the time to install game plans and define the real players and I expected it.

Your last paragraph rings very true and I think he's doing so. I hope he's successful.

Health Insurance Expert said...

Good to hear that Gunheim, and CJ will be ready for SJSU. Goldson is still very questionable. JWF is coming along slowly so not sure how many meaningful minutes he will be able to play.

hairofthedawg said...

I'm curious about which of the four you'd deem most important. I lean toward Frisbee because him being there helps to negate nearly a complete aspect of an oppenent's offense.

Health Insurance Expert said...

Frisbee as a true frosh was a joy to watch because he just tied up a lot of people and caused havoc even though he didn't have a lot of experience. If he can give us some healthy minutes he is very important. He isn't going to be a starter this year, and his job is to give the rotation about 1/3 to 1/2 of a game. If he can get up to that level we improve.

Goldson is probably the most important guy we need back by Oklahoma. When healthy he should be a pretty big upgrade over Fountaine.