Monday, August 14, 2006

Numbers in Serious Decline at Defensive Back

We are only into the second week of practice and we are down to nine defensive backs with the continued absence of Ashley Palmer. Safety Darin Harris is out for the year with a back injury, Safety Jake Merril left the team this weekend. One thing is for sure is that you can't get through the season with only four CB's. Willingham is going to have to make some roster moves to help out at that position.

Safety Durrell Moss comes to mind since he started a couple game last year at CB. Matt Mosley who is now at RB is a another possibilty along with WR Aaron Goodwin, and RB/WR Meyers if he gets through the clearing house.

The earlier loss of Hasty really complicates things since we are just as thin at RB with James/Rankin/Sampson.

Current depth chart

CB Goldson/Murchison
CB Lewis/Fountaine

S Wells/Forrester
S Wallace/Hemphill/Moss

Potential Depth Chart

CB Goldson/Muchison/Mosley
CB Lewis/Fountaine/Moss

S Wells/Palmer/Forrester
S Wallace/Hemphill/Meyers


prrbrr said...

Darin Harris out with the back injury might help us out in depth for the future, as I believe he never used his RS year, so hopefully next year we get him back as a junior safety. It hurts this year for sure. As for Merrill, the consensus was he wouldn't be in the mix for 2-3 years anyway. That coupled with what I read at DawgMan's boards about K Bankheads apparent lack of motivation and conditioning. leaves a void in the Soph and Fr classes in the safety ranks. We lose CJ Wallace this year to graduation, so next yr we will have Hemphill/ Wells as Srs, Harris, Palmer, and Forrester as Jrs.We might need to go JC again for 2 guys with 3 years eligibilty.

Health Insurance Expert said...

It seems he has a physical problem which will not allow him to continue his football career at UW.

Health Insurance Expert said...

I don't know if Darin gets offered a 5th year to play, depends on how the back comes along.

We definitely will being in a large class next year that could exceed 25 after they grab some Winter JC's.

Too bad about Bankhead, but I wouldn't write him off till he flunks out of the CC he is attending in Seattle.

hairofthedawg said...

back injury always scares me for the long term health of the player.

prrbrr said...

Johnb, it appears to me that TW used the yanking of 5th yr schollies for guys who never contributed (maybe even in practice). It seems to me that if Darin Harris comes back, he will get his 5th year, and if he is hurting, might they not give him a medical for the fifth if he hasn't graduated, and just needs the extra qtr. Back injuries are tough to diagnose and treat. I think the loss of the 5th year scholly might apply to Trew, C Smith for sure , and possibly Okoebor, Raeford, Kava, C Ellis and Reffet as possibles, although the last five have added the depth and appear to be playing hard at their positions. Besides, I think a shortage of schollies is not that big an issue this year as the attrition seems to be opening them up along with the projected loss of say 15 Srs.

Health Insurance Expert said...

I think Harris can help if he can get healthy, and he does have a redshirt year. Okeabor could conceivably come back for a 6th year, but he has been pretty beat up since he arrived.

I don't know who all the 5th year early retirement candidates are, but you can count on at least three since they will try to bring in as many new players as possible this year.

Smith, Trew, and Kava are all candidates, but you never know, sometimes regular attrition just takes care of it on its own.